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The 'English Short Title Catalogue' (ESTC) is a comprehensive, international union catalogue listing early books, serials, newspapers and selected ephemera printed before 1801. It contains catalogue entries for items issued in Britain, Ireland, overseas territories under British colonial rule, and the United States. The database contains over 480,000 entries, and represents the holdings of some 2,000 libraries world-wide.


 English Short Title Catalogue. British Library,


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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
4381 'Tis all for the best, or the history of Mrs. Simpson. More , Hannah
4400 'Tis all for the best, or the history of Mrs. Simpson. More , Hannah
6066 "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God "in vain, for he will not hold him guiltless, that "taketh his Name in vain." Was this high and holy command more seriously considered, and the awful consequences of disobeying it taken home by all ranks of people, ... King , Martha
15942 (Cheap Repository. Number 37.) The Black prince, a true story; being an account of the life and death of Naimbanna, an African king's son, who arrived in England in the year 1791, and set sail on his return in June 1793 More , Hannah
Benjamin and Jacob Johnson (Philadelphia)
12806 (Mrs. Inchbald's Translation.) The Midnight Hour. A Comedy, in Three Acts. From the French of M. Damaniant, called Guerre Ouverte; ou, Ruse Contre Ruse as it is now performing at the Theatres Royal Covent-Garden and Smock-Alley. Translated by Mrs. Inchbald. Damaniant , Antoine-Jean
12803 (Mrs. Inchbald's Translation.) The Midnight Hour. A Comedy, in three acts. From the French of M. Damaniant, called Guerre Ouverte; ou, Ruse Contre Ruse. As it is now performing at the Theatres Royal Covent-Garden and Smock-Alley. Translated by Mrs. Inchbald. Damaniant , Antoine-Jean
1704 [A] catalogue of books, containing a great variety in most languages, arts, and sciences; Which will begin to be sold (for ready money,) at the prices printed in the catalogue; on Friday, July 17th, 1789, at the shop of Ann Ireland, bookseller and printer, opposite the assembly room, Leicester. (Who gives the full value for any library, or parcel of books.) Ireland , Ann
23413 [Adam] Cockburn, Ld Ormistoun, and [Dame] Anne his wife, appellants. John Hamilton, Esq; an infant, by his guardian, respondent. The appellants case. 1713]
4649 [An irregular ode] to Edward Byrne, Esq. of mullinahack, on his marriage with Miss Roe, step-daughter to one Noble Lord, and niece to another!!! Battier , Henrietta
5026 [An] appeal to impartial posterity, by Madame Roland, wife of the minister of the Home Department; Or, a collection of pieces written by her during her confinement in the prisons of the Abbey and St. Pélagie. Published originally in Paris for the benefit of her only daughter, deprived of the fortune of her parents, whose property is still in sequestration. In four parts. Part I. Translated from the French. Roland de la Platière , Marie-Jeanne
23357 [Colo]nel Luke Lillingston, [br]other and admini[str]ator of Major and Captain Gervas Lillingston, appel' Marmaduke Constable and Elizabeth his wife, one of the sisters of the Colonel and Gervas Lillingston, resp' the respondents case. 1712]
6674 [Condescendence for Miss Charles Halkerston, only child and heir served and retoured, and executor decerned and confirmed to the deceased Helenus Halkerston, late of Rathillet, pursuer; against Capt. Ninian Imrie of Dunmuir, and William Lumsdaine, writer to the signet his attorney, defenders.] Halkerston , Miss
22282 [Exilius: or, the banish'd Roman. A new romance. In two parts: written after the manner of Telemachus, for the instruction of some young ladies of quality. By Mrs. Jane Barker.] 1712?]
24605 [God's mercy surmounting man's cruelty, exemplified in the captivity and redemption of Elizabeth Hanson, wife of John Hanson, of Knoxmarsh at Keacheachy, in Dover-township, who was taken captive with her children and maid-servant, by the Indians in New-England, in the year 1724. In which are inserted, sundry remarkable preservations, deliverances, and marks of the care and kindness of providence over her and her children, worthy to be remembered. The substance of which was taken from her own mouth, and now published for a general service.] Hanson , Elizabeth
22755 [Katherina Yale vid. administratrix, Elihu Yale ar. defunct. Quer. in errore.] Et Dominus Rex. The defendant's case to be heard the [blank] day of [blank] 1721]
24664 [Letter to Mr. Speaker Burrill and Mr. Bridger.] 1719?]
23073 [M]rs. McLintock's receipts for cookery and pastry-work. 1736
24652 [Poor Will's almanack, for the year of Christian account, 1745 By William Birkett] Birkett , William
23425 [Sir Jo]hn Tyrwhitt, bart. and Dame Mary his wife, daughter of Dame Elizabeth Drake, by Sir William Drake, kt. deceased, her former husband, appelts. John Lloyd, Gent. executor of William Mountagu Esq; late Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer; Ralph Freman, Esq; surviving trustee of the said Lord Chief Baron; Samuel Trotman Esq; and the said Dame Elizabeth Drake, his wife, daughter and heir of the said Lord Chief Baron Mountagu Garrard Drake, Esq; grandson of the said Lady Drake; the Right Honourable Simon Lord Harcourt, and others, respts. The case of the respondents Samuel Trotman, and the Lady Drake, his wife. 1714]
24655 [The American almanack for the year of Christian account, 1745. ... Fitted to the latitude of 40 degrees, and a meridian of 5 hours west from London, but may, without sensible error, serve all the adjacent places, even from Newfoundland to South-Carolina. By Titan Leeds philomat.] Leeds , Titan
24619 [The espousals or A passionate perswasive to a marriage with the Lamb of God, wherein the sinners misery and the redeemers glory is unvailed in. A sermon upon Gen. 24 49. Preach'd at N. Brunswyck, June the 22d, 1735. By Gilbert Tennent, A.M. and Minister of the Gospel there. ...] Tennent , Gilbert
6787 [The royal cook; or, the modern etiquette of the table, displayed with accuracy, elegance and taste, being a full and exact description of the manner of dressing and serving up royal dinners ...] Pennington , Mrs.
Richard Snagg [Rotherhith] (Rotherhithe)
5677 [The] Hermit. A novel. By Miss Minifie, author of Barford-Abbey, The cottage, &c. Gunning , Susannah
James Williams [5 Skinner Row] (Dublin)
24504 [Unto] the Right Honourable, the Lords of Council and Session, the petition of poor Janet Graham, relict of Peter Chazelon, furrier in Edinburgh. 1734]
25464 [Vol 1:] A Collection of the Occasional papers. For the year 1716 with a Preface [Vol 2:] A Collection of the Occasional papers. For the year 1717 with a Preface; and a Table of Contents, to both Volumes [Vol 3:] A Collection of the Occasional papers. For the year 1718 with a Preface; and a Table of Contents. Lowman , Moses
Wright , Samuel
Browne , Simon
Avery , Benjamin
Grosvenor , Benjamin
Earle , Jabez
Evans , John
James Knapton (London)
John Harrison (London)
Anne Dodd I (London)
Emanuel Mathews (London)
James Roberts [Warwick Lane] (London)