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Author The present state of politicks in Europe. With some observations on the present posture of our own affairs. 1739
Author True Character of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield; In a Letter from a Deist in London, to his Friend in the Country. With some Observations on the Dispute between Dr. Trapp and Mr. Whitefield, and the Behaviour of the Clergy. Likewise the sentiments, manners, &c. of deists, fairly stated by real truths. 1739
Author Remarks upon the account of the conduct of a certain Dutchess. In a letter from a member of the last parliament in the reign of Queen Anne. To a young nobleman. 1742
Author Siris in the Shades: A Dialogue Concerning Tar Water; Between Mr. Benjamin Smith, lately deceased, Dr. Hancock, and Dr. Garth, at their Meeting upon the Banks of the River Styx. 1744
Author The Equity of Parnassus: A Poem. 1744
Translator The works of Sallust, translated into English. With political discourses upon that author. To which is added, a translation of Cicero's four orations against Catiline. 1744
Author An Address to that Honest Part of the Nation, Call'd the Lower Sort of People; on the Subject of Popery and the Pretender. The Second Edition. 1745
Author The layman's sermon. Occasioned by the present rebellion; which was (or ought to have been) preach'd at St. Paul's Cross, on the 1st of October, 1745. 1745
Author The muse in good humour: or, A collection of the best poems, comic tales, choice fables, enigmas, &c. From the most eminent poets. With some originals. In two parts. Vol. II. 1745
Author A brief account of the life and family of Miss Jenny Cameron, the reputed mistress of the Pretender's eldest son. Containing many very singular incidents. 1746
Author A Protestant catechism; shewing the principal errors of the church of Rome. Published by order of the Incorporated Society in Dublin, for promoting English Protestant schools in Ireland. The third edition. 1746
Author Memoirs of the life of Lord Lovat. 1746
Author The history of the present rebellion in Scotland. 1746
Author The history of the rebellion raised against His Majesty King George II. From its rise in August 1745, to its happy extinction, by the glorious victory at Culloden, on the 16th of April, 1746. Illustrated with plans of the battles of Falkirk and Culloden. 1746
Author The new week's preparation for a worthy receiving of the Lord's supper, as appointed and practised by the Church of England; consisting of meditations and prayers for the morning and evening of every day in the week. With forms of examination, and confession of sins: and meditations to enable us to live well after receiving the holy sacrament. The whole, being purified from those extatic and carnal expressions, which (in a former treatise upon this subject) have been long complained of, is now rendered a plain, orthodox, and reasonable service to almighty God. To which are added, a morning and evening prayer to be used either with a family, or in private. Likewise, Christ's sermon on the Mount, paraphras'd. 1746
Translator The works of Sir James Ware concerning Ireland revised and improved. Containing, the writers of Ireland. In two books. I. Of such writers who were born in Ireland. II. Of such writers, who, though foreigners, enjoyed preferments or offices in Ireland, or had their education in it. Written in latin by Sir James Ware, Knight; now newly translated into English, revised, and improved with many material addition; and continued down to the beginning of the present century. 1746
Author Memoirs of the life of Lord Lovat. 1747
Author A Protestant catechism: Shewing the principal errors of the Church of Rome. Published by Order of the Incorporated Society in Dublin, for promoting English Protestant schools in Ireland. The fourth edition. 1749
Author Jane Shore to the Duke of Gloster, an epistle. 1749
Author A home truth: being memoirs of the love and state-intrigues of the Court of H---; from the marriage of the Princess of Z------, to the tragical death of Count K-----k: written originally in High-German, by the celebrated Countess of K----k. The Second Edition. 1750
Author Friendly Advice to a child unborn. A little piece of poetry, with very long notes. By a person of learning, as you may see by the motto. 1750
Author Lucina sine concubitu. A letter humbly address'd to the Royal Society; in which is proved by most incontestible evidence, drawn from reason and practice, that a woman may conceive and be brought to bed without any commerce with man. 1750
Author Memoirs of the life of Mrs. A--a W--t. Shewing, I. The unkind Usage she receiv'd from an only Brother. II. The Cause of her coming to London. III. The Manner in which she was seduc'd from the Inn, to a House of ill Fame. IV. How she was there male-treated, debauch'd, and confin'd for the Space of two Years. V. Her Behaviour and Treatment there till the Time of her Deliverance, and how dispos'd of since. 1750
Author A letter to a Member of Parliament, concerning the laws which disable Papists from purchasing in this kingdom. 1751
Author A letter to a Member of Parliament, concerning the laws which disable Papists from purchasing in this kingdom. 1751

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