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Author Information for Mrs. Anderson Her Majesties printer, against James Watson printer. 1711
Author The examiners for the year 1711. To which is prefix'd, A letter to the Examiner. 1712
Author An Humble petition from the October-Club to a certain eminent M----r of the H. of C----s concerning the triennial bill. 1716
Author Court poems. Viz; 1. The basset-table. An eclogue. II. The drawing-room. III. The toilet. A copy of verses to the ingenious Mr. Moore, author of the celebrated worm-powder. All four by Mr. Pope. To which is added W.T. to fair Clio. 1716
Author A short view of the conduct of the King of Sweden 1717
Author Mughouse diversion: Or, A collection of loyal prologues, and songs, spoke and sung at the Mug-Houses. Particularly the order and method of the loyal societies, by way of prologue. Most of which were never yet printed. The Second Edition. 1717
Author Mughouse-Diversion. Or, a collection of loyal prologues, and songs, spoke and sung at the mug-houses. Most of which were never yet printed. 1717
Author Mughouse-diversion: or, A collection of loyal prologues and songs, spoke and sung at the mug-houses. Particularly, the order and method of the loyal sosieties, by way of prologue. The Third Edition. With additions and alterations of near twenty new songs. 1717
Author Some Observations upon the Laws against Protestant Dissenters; Proving that the Manner of Executing those Laws, is Provoking to God, Injurious to the Dissenters, and Scandalous to the Church. 1717
Author The occasional paper. Vol. II. Numb. VIII. Of reputation. An essay, occasion'd by the controversy betwixt the Lord Bishop of Bangor and his opposers. 1717
Author The Patrician. To be continu’d weekly. No. I. Being considerations on the peerage. In answer to the Plebeian. By one who is neither a Knight, nor a member of the House of Commons. 1719
Author The Younger Brother: or, the Sham Marquis. A comedy. As it is Acted at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields. 1719
Author The field cleared of the noble stand: or, animadversions on the pamphlet so called. Which in a superfetation of parts has made so much noise in the publick debates among the London ministers, since their Division into Subscribers and Non-Subscribers. With a Postscript, shewing the Latter not justly chargeable with Singularity. By a sincere seeker. 1720
Author A letter to a friend from a merchant who had resided many years at Leghorn: giving an account of the methods taken by that state to prevent infection. Together with the Author's Thoughts what we ought to do at this Conjuncture, in order to preserve our Health and Trade. 1721
Author The art of governing. Shewing, I. The several sorts of governments at this time establish'd in Europe; from which is taken the best Kind of Government for a Free People, as that of England, &c. II. Of the abuse of government, by publick ministers, in respect to liberty, &c. on the Maxim in Law, The King can do no Wrong; with the Character of a Modern Statesman, and the great Lord Bacon's Advice to a Courtier. III. Of freedom and slavery, as to Government; manifesting, that by the extraordinary Use, or the Non-Use of National Laws, and general Corruptions, they may be much the same Thing. IV. Of the Parliament of England, and the Frequency of British Parliaments; proving the latter not only the Fundamental Right of this Nation, but that Liberty is grounded upon, and cannot Subsist without it. The Second Edition. 1722
Author A timely caution; or, good advice to the ladies. By a true Briton. The second edition. 1728
Author A Compleat History of Bedfordshire. Containing, I. The Geographical Description of the Country in Alphabetical Order. 2. The Ecclesiastical History. 3. The Civil History. 4. The Natural History. 5. The Literary History. 6. The Antiquities. 7. A Map of the County. 8. A Table of the Names of all Towns and Villages, &c . with the Value of the Livings, the Patrons, Incumbents, and the Gentlemens Seats: Also a Scheme of all the Market-Towns, &c. their Distance from London, and from one another, &c. 1730
Author The fatigues of a great man, or, the plague of serving one's country. A satyr. 1730
Author The seventh-day-man; or, restless Christian, in the vanity of his Jewish sabbath, and presumptuous contempt of gospel-rest, offer'd to consideration. And the Lord's day justified; as the true Christian sabbath, visible in, and to be rested on according to, the commandment. With a prayer for the Lord's day. 1730?
Author The Harlot's Progress: or, the Humours of Drury-Lane. In six cantos. Being the tale of the noted Moll Hackabout, in hudibrastick verse, containing her whole life; which is a key to the six prints lately publish'd by Mr. Hogarth. I. Her coming to Town in the York Waggon; her being betray'd by an old Baud into the Arms of Colonel Ch-s; her early Improvement in the Sweets of Fornication; and some Dialogues, Serious and Comical, between a Country Girl in the Waggon, and a Parson. II. Her living with a Jew; some merry Intrigues in the Jew's House; with Satyrical Pictures in the Jew's Chamber. III. Her living in a Baudy-House in Drury-Lane; her Extravagance, Company, Baudy-House Equipage, Pictures, and other Drury Decorations; with her being detected by Sir J---n G---n. IV. Her Usage at Tothil-Fields Bridewell; with some merry Adventures of Fops, Pimps, Whores, Bauds, and Panders, who were committed to keep her Company. V. Her Sickness and Death; Disputes between two noted Quacks, Temple-Bar and Bow-Bell Doctors, on the Nature of her Distemper; and her last Will and Testament. VI. Her Burial; the Funeral Pomp of Harlots in Triumph; Six Mutes, Sisters of the Trade; the Parson, a very Wag; the Clerk, a Sly-Boots; and the Undertaker, one of the Family of the Sad Dogs. The Second Edition. 1732
Author The citizen's procession, or, The smugler's success and the patriots disappointment. Being an excellent new ballad on the excise-bill. 1733
Author Kick him Jenny, a merry tale. 1734
Author Modern Patriotism, a Poem. 1734
Author The Proposal for Enabling the Clergy to Accept Advanced Rents in Lieu of Fines, Defended and Enforced: and the Justice of the Claim of the Tenants to Renew at Usual Times for Usual Fines, Asserted. 1736
Author The artless muse: being six poetical essays on various subjects. By a person in obscure life. Viz. I. A poem to the memory of John Milton, the British Homer: Occasioned by a Letter, some Time since published, in behalf of his daughter, Mrs. Clark, who then subsisted on the Labour of her poor Son, a Weaver in Spittle-Field: Lamenting, the Ingratitude of his Country to the Manes of that incomparable Bard; and celebrating the Royal Bounty of her Present Majesty, and several of the Nobility and Gentry to that unfortunate Gentlewoman. II. Damon's dispair, a Soliloquy. III. Stephen Duck's Translation from the Threshing floor to the Court. IV. Alexis's Farewel. V. On the mutability of sublunary Things, and their Insufficiency to Happiness. VI. The abandon'd shepherd, a Pastoral Tale. 1737

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