Name Vicesimo-quarto
Abbreviation 24mo

Each sheet is folded to make twenty-four leaves and forty-eight pages.


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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
14459 Letters on the improvement of the mind. By Hester Chapone. Chapone , Hester Mulso
10442 Letters on the improvement of the mind. By Mrs. Chapone. And, A father's legacy to his daughters. By the late Dr. Gregory. Chapone , Hester Mulso
Gregory , John
Baldwin, C. Cradock, and W. Joy (London)
Suttaby, Evans & Fox (London)
5609 Martin & James, or The reward of integrity a moral tale. Designed for the improvement of children. Peacock , Lucy
William Darton and Joseph Harvey [Gracechurch] (London)
5623 Martin & James, or the Reward of Integrity; a Moral Tale. Designed for the Improvement of Children. Peacock , Lucy
William Darton and Joseph Harvey [Gracechurch] (London)
1826 Memoirs of a castle-top. By the author of Adventures of a pincushion. Kilner , Mary Ann
12769 Moral Amusement; or, A Selection of Tales, Histories, and Interesting Anecdotes; intended to amuse and instruct young minds. Unknown ,
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
Ann Vernor and Thomas Hood [Poultry] (London)
2726 Moral tale. The Dutchess of C-. from "Adelade and Theodore," by Madame la Comtesse de Genlis. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité
12034 Mother Bunch's Fairy Tales. Published for the Amusement of all those Little Master and Misses who, by Duty to their Parents, and Obedience to their Superiors, aim at becoming Great Lords and Ladies. Adorned with Copperplate Cuts. d'Aulnoy , Marie-Catherine
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
11832 Motherless Mary: a tale: shewing that goodness even in poverty is sure of meeting its proper reward: illustrated with six beautiful engravings. Written by the author of Arthur and Alice, Walter and Herbert, Whim and contradiction, &c. Semple , Elizabeth
John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843] (London)
6793 Mrs. Love[child's] golden present, to all little masters and misses of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Fenn , Ellenor
7033 Mrs. Lovechild's golden present, to all the little masters and misses, of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Fenn , Ellenor
Francis Newbery (London)
10647 Rosamond. Being the third part of Early lessons. By the author of The parent's assistant, six volumes. The Second Edition. Edgeworth , Maria
Joseph Johnson (London)
1803 Second Edition
12859 Rural felicity; or, the history of Tommy and Sally. Embellished with cuts. Johnson , Richard
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
915 Sacred Hymns for the Use of Children, being particularly adapted for Sunday Schools Harvey , Jane
Henry Mozley II [Brook Street] (Derby)
13347 Scripture lessons, designed to accompany a series of prints from the Old Testament. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer , Sarah
7155 Sermons to children; To which are added short hymns, suited to the subjects. By a Lady. Wilkinson , Rebecca
John Marshall and Co. [Aldermary] (London)
7156 Sermons to children; to which are added short hymns, suited to the subjects. By a lady. Wilkinson , Rebecca
John Marshall [Aldermary] (London)
2867 Short conversations; or, an easy road to the temple of fame; which all may reach who endeavour to be good. Kilner , Dorothy
1846 The adventures of a pincushion: designed chiefly for the use of young ladies. Kilner , Mary Ann
1865 The adventures of a pincushion. Designed chiefly for the use of young ladies. Kilner , Mary Ann
3685 The child's grammar. Designed to enable ladies who may not have attended to the subject themselves to instruct their children. Containing a very plain and easy explanation of the several parts of speech; exemplified in the most familiar manner in sentences suited to the capacities of children: followed by parsing lessons, resolved into their elements to try the progress of the pupil. And also the plainst explanation of the modes and tenses, and a second set of parsing lessons suited to a scholar more advanced in grammar; with directions for full examination. Fenn , Ellenor
10907 The Cowslip; or, More Cautionary Stories in Verse. By the author of that much-admired little work entitled "The Daisy." Turner , Elizabeth
Baldwin, C. Cradock, and W. Joy (London)
John Harris and Son (London)
1824 9
12138 The Cries of London, as they are daily exhibited in the streets; with an epigram in verse, adapted to each. Embellished with sixty-two elegant cuts. To which is added, a description of the metropolis in verse. Unknown ,
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
13642 The Death of Abel, in five books. Attempted from the German of M. Gessner. Gessner , Salomon
James Robertson [printing office, 4 Horse Wynd] (Edinburgh)
13638 The death of Abel. In five books. Attempted from the Ferman of Mr. Gessner. The thirteenth edition. Gessner , Salomon